Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi There!!!
Welcome back I say to myself cause it has been a long long time since I was gone.
In the meantime many events have crisscrossed my life's colorful page. I call them lines cause they have been etched deep and really look irregular but arty. I hope whatever is happening, has happened and will happen will happen for good ..I hope. But amidst all these changes I find myself to be a liitle more transformed person cause I have reduced my fear of taking risks.I have a philosophy of my own that might help anyone- I beleive one should not get tensed or depressed about failures and bad times cause one day when the worst has happEned to you, better things will start happening for you. Life is a rollercoaster(u bet Ronan!!!) and I guess most people miss all the fun of the happy period cause they either commit suicide or become negative towards life. These are life's simple ways to make us a stronger person and help us achieve what we fear to achieve but what we possible can if we DARE TO DO....