Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas and childhood memories

Having studied in a Convent School (I being a disbeleiver, an atheist )am a beleiver in Christmas. 25th of december brings memories of Christmas celebrations in school. The excitement to see santa with the bag of goodies , the childlike inquisitiveness to know which teacher was this year's Santa, the sudden sprite to catch the toffees thrown in the air. The air itself smelt different. I also remember baba helping us out to make Santa dolls, the same dolls that we treasured the most,all forgotten in the yuletide spirit. And then the day would come to an end with goodies to take back home,our cheeks flushed due to singing carols (mind you it was serious business with prizes to be won!!!) and happy because it marked the beginning of winter vacations.

Why I beleive in Christmas? Not because I beleive there is someone as Santa but because Christmas Day was one of those days that brought me happiness, it is a day that still brings a smile on my face and within seconds i can find myself back in those days u have such memories that can act as a time machine to happy days?..lemme kno


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