Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi There!!!
Welcome back I say to myself cause it has been a long long time since I was gone.
In the meantime many events have crisscrossed my life's colorful page. I call them lines cause they have been etched deep and really look irregular but arty. I hope whatever is happening, has happened and will happen will happen for good ..I hope. But amidst all these changes I find myself to be a liitle more transformed person cause I have reduced my fear of taking risks.I have a philosophy of my own that might help anyone- I beleive one should not get tensed or depressed about failures and bad times cause one day when the worst has happEned to you, better things will start happening for you. Life is a rollercoaster(u bet Ronan!!!) and I guess most people miss all the fun of the happy period cause they either commit suicide or become negative towards life. These are life's simple ways to make us a stronger person and help us achieve what we fear to achieve but what we possible can if we DARE TO DO....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

[D-Days and success]

Call me a person who has low self-confidence or a superstitious person or a person who believes in fate but thats not what I am.Its only that I beleive in destiny.You will only get what you are destined for. Thats the reason I say drive out all astrologers cause they are of no use. If something bad is going to happen or something good it will happen. Nothing you do will change it,ever..Suppose you are going for an interview and if you are not for the job you wont get it. So I say try but dont overdo it,dont get tensed,dont feel sad,dont be a boaster.You got it baby cause you were destined for it.Also there is a possibility about delayed good luck(there you go ,you said the forbidden word) or let me replace it by favourable circumstances. Also it might be coined as bad timing.Thats called mixed destiny-its of no use although its great.

Thats all for today,all that I am destined to write today maybe (;-))

See Ya...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Something went wrong today....................

I have seen when I am overzealous I tend to hurt people..almost like people hurting neighbours' eardrums during a marriage procession by bursting crackers or gali puja commitees by playing loud music. Today I hurt my twin sis who has always been there like a shadow,my conscience in flesh and blood and being my support always.Why did I hurt her? Did I hurt her because I was trying to push away my insecurities or did i do it cause I was overconfident?Think of a situation where a person already is feeling bad or a little bit scared and on top of that you try to reason out with her by showing her poking her in her eyes telling her "SEE I PITY YOU".

But eventually this is not what you had wanted to do,but you did it and now there is no way you take the hurt away.How do you respond to such a situation?say I AM SORRY or YOU KNOW I DIDN'T REALLY MEAN IT?or say I LOVE U. I think this is a totally lost situation...

I dont know,this week is wasted!!!!!

See Ya!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas and childhood memories

Having studied in a Convent School (I being a disbeleiver, an atheist )am a beleiver in Christmas. 25th of december brings memories of Christmas celebrations in school. The excitement to see santa with the bag of goodies , the childlike inquisitiveness to know which teacher was this year's Santa, the sudden sprite to catch the toffees thrown in the air. The air itself smelt different. I also remember baba helping us out to make Santa dolls, the same dolls that we treasured the most,all forgotten in the yuletide spirit. And then the day would come to an end with goodies to take back home,our cheeks flushed due to singing carols (mind you it was serious business with prizes to be won!!!) and happy because it marked the beginning of winter vacations.

Why I beleive in Christmas? Not because I beleive there is someone as Santa but because Christmas Day was one of those days that brought me happiness, it is a day that still brings a smile on my face and within seconds i can find myself back in those days u have such memories that can act as a time machine to happy days?..lemme kno

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Makes me wonder...

how parents turn friends when you are away from one falls in love with a person sooooooo opposite to one's you keep meeting people whom you want to you accidentally meet a person so similar to your first can you start living without people who had mattered to you the you commit something that is unethical to you in all money ceases to be the most important thing for which you actually left home.....has it happened to you too..what can be the reason?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fears I have everyday

  • I wont wake up
  • I will oversleep
  • I will have a fight with somebody
  • I will be misunderstood
  • I will get a bad score on my surveys at office
  • I will have unwanted expenditure
  • I will have darker dark circles
  • I will be late for the office cab

Dreams I have whenever I dream:
  • I am falling from a cliff.
  • The train starts moving when i am loading/unloading the luggage.
  • The death of a near one.
  • Face of someone in school or college who had hurt me long ago.
Do u feel like me ?
Do write.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello everybody.Welcome to my world,tinni's world.Let me tell you i will not be able to categorize my posts so you might be facing difficulty to relate to them occasionally.However I am sure if you consider my posts as pages from my diary you will be able to know who i am and how i react to certain welcome to my world,the world of tinni..