Tuesday, May 15, 2007

[D-Days and success]

Call me a person who has low self-confidence or a superstitious person or a person who believes in fate but thats not what I am.Its only that I beleive in destiny.You will only get what you are destined for. Thats the reason I say drive out all astrologers cause they are of no use. If something bad is going to happen or something good it will happen. Nothing you do will change it,ever..Suppose you are going for an interview and if you are not for the job you wont get it. So I say try but dont overdo it,dont get tensed,dont feel sad,dont be a boaster.You got it baby cause you were destined for it.Also there is a possibility about delayed good luck(there you go ,you said the forbidden word) or let me replace it by favourable circumstances. Also it might be coined as bad timing.Thats called mixed destiny-its of no use although its great.

Thats all for today,all that I am destined to write today maybe (;-))

See Ya...


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Too long for the next post!!!!

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